SURVIVING MOMMIE DEAREST, a documentary based on a one-woman multimedia play written by and starring best-selling author, Christina Crawford, (adopted daughter of famed actress Joan Crawford,) has been filmed in Club Shadows Theater, located inside The Metro Entertainment Complex, in Jacksonville, Florida. The documentary is based on three of her best-selling books, Mommie Dearest, Survivorand No Safe Place.

Ms. Crawford appeared both on stage and in the film clips during the two-act play which featured long forgotten home movies, historical archival photos, pictures from private collections, film clips and video interviews of both Joan and Christina Crawford. The play covered almost 100 years of entertainment and show business history. The production lasts approximately two hours, including an intermission.

Mommie Dearest

Ms. Crawford feels that a documentary is perfect at this time as the thirty-fifth anniversary of her best-selling book, Mommie Dearest, is approaching. In the near future, a commutative, limited-edition box set will be available for the thirty-fifth anniversary, which will include a DVD featuring “The Survivors Wheel”, a musical CD from the play and  documentary, and an autographed copy of the book, Mommie Dearest.

Ms. Crawford’s books made the issue of child abuse and neglect a salient issue in the public’s awareness, at a time when it was just beginning to be recognized as a societal issue. Subsequently, Ms. Crawford served as President of Los Angeles’ Inter-Agency Council on Abuse and Neglect Associates for seven years, and served as a commissioner for Children Service Commission, Los Angeles County, wherein she campaigned for reformation of child abuse laws.

SURVIVING MOMMIE DEAREST is produced by Jerry Rosenberg, Jacksonville, FL businessman and co-owner of the Metro Entertainment Complex. In addition to managing his award-winning venue, Mr. Rosenberg has been a long-time champion for civil liberties and diversity in Northeast Florida. Mr. Rosenberg, has known Ms. Crawford for over 17 years.

The documentary is produced by Christina Crawford, Jerry Rosenberg and A J Michaels. Multimedia created by Samuel Farmer. Musical supervisor is singer/composer, and American Songbook aficionado, George Bugatti.


For further information/interviews, contact:
Jerry Rosenberg
Mommie Dearest, Inc.

(904) 607-7700


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    • Buzz

      Joan Crawford’s Daughter Set for Off-Broadway Bio Play Surviving Mommie Dearest
      News By Marc Snetiker April 10, 2013 – 11:44AM
      Joan Crawford’s Daughter Set for Off-Broadway Bio Play Surviving Mommie Dearest
      Joan Crawford & Christina Crawford
      Christina Crawford will tell all about her mother Joan (again!) in ‘Surviving Mommie Dearest.’
      Joan Crawford’s daughter Christine Crawford will star in the off-Broadway premiere of Surviving Mommie Dearest, which will play five performances during the week of Mother’s Day (May 8 through 12) at the Snapple Theater Center.

      Described as an “empowering and inspirational” new production, Surviving Mommie Dearest will chronicle the turbulent relationship between Crawford (author of the 1978 autobiographical book Mommie Dearest) and her movie legend mother. The show will feature film clips and footage from Crawford home movies, as well as clips from Crawford’s documentary covering 100 years of showbiz history.

      The legendary Joan Crawford is one of the best-known actresses in the history of American cinema, winning an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in Mildred Pierce. Her other screen credits include Oscar-nominated turns in Possessed and Sudden Fear, as well as unforgettable roles in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Torch Song, Johnny Guitar and Grand Hotel.

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